Saturday, September 22, 2018


I am on day 3.

I am succeeding.  I will take the small victories to build up to the big victories.

I already feel different.

My energy levels are up which is a big plus.

I started to clean my house last night.  Every single room needs a good cleaning.  I'm hoping I can accomplish a lot during this weekend.  It feels good to be productive.

Now on to the before pictures.  This is not my favorite part.

So, here I am at 262 pounds.  I am wearing size 18 jeans that are tight and a size XL shirt that is way too tight.  And my hair... don't even look at my hair.  I will take pictures in the same outfit once a month.

I'm excited to start.

Thursday will be my first week weigh in.

Get ready for a huge loss.

Until next time,

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