Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Day 6 - 5/19/20 What I Ate On Weight Watchers Green Plan

Today was a really good day!

I stayed within my points!

I exercised!

I cleaned!

I worked!

I sat on my butt and watched tv!

Such an exciting life right now!

My eating has changed a bit.  I have been going on Youtube to find some weight watcher point friendly foods.

Here is what I ate:

 Breakfast was a light english muffin (2) w/ chocolate
PB2/sugar free syrup (1) and a banana (0).  I also had 2 cups
of coffee with sugar & nondairy creamer. (3)
Total: 6 sp
This is what I used for the topping on the english muffin.
Found this on suggestion on Youtube.
I was very snacky today.  This was 1-1/4 oz. of barbeque Ritz
Crisp & Thins.
Total: 5
Second snack midmorning was a Quaker caramel rice cake (2)
 w/ a few tbsps. of chocolate Reddiwip (1).  So yummy!
Total: 3 sp
Lunch was so good!  I had a salad w/ baby spinach/spring mix (0),
1 oz. feta cheese (2), 1/8 c. walnuts (3), 1 c. strawberries (0), and 2 Tbsp.
balasmic vinegar (1).  I was very hungry so I added 10 oz. shrimp (2) w/
1-1/2 Tbsp. general tso sauce (3).
Total: 11 sp
This is the balasmic vinegar I use.  I buy it
from William Sonoma.  It is expenisve but
very worth the money to me.  It has a sweet taste
and doesn't need anything added to it for a salad.
This is my opinion at least!
Another snack!  This was 1 oz. of Hippeas nacho flavor.
I love these.  Even my kids really like them.  They are made
from chickpea flour.
Total: 4 sp
I had some bacon that I had to use up so
I decided to make chocolate chip pancakes for my
family.  I had something different though.
2 blueberry eggo waffles (6) w/ 1/8 c. sugar
free syrup (0) & 3 slices of bacon (3).  I had an apple (0)
w/ 2 Tbsps. PB2 (1).
Total: 10 sp
I felt pretty satisfied after dinner.  Later on,
I had a Premier Protein caramel shake for
my dessert.
Total: 2 sp

I felt like I ate so much today but I ended up having 2 smartpoints leftover for the day.  I know that I just wanted to snack all day but I tried to control myself with portions of snacks.  I distracted myself by trying to stay busy.  It worked most of the day.

I'm looking forward to weigh in!  My weigh ins are on Thursday but you will see the post on Friday.

Until next time,

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